Our Process
Helps You Pursue
Your Goals

Your goals are uniquely yours. Hinkson Wealth Management will take the time to understand them before creating your customized financial plan. Along the way, we ensure that you get the respect, attention, and exceptional service you need to reach your financial destination with ongoing support. So you can spend more time doing what you love.

  • Our 3-step process is designed to save you time, maximize your tax savings, reduce investment risk, and improve your investment results.
  • We’ll help eliminate financial stress by providing expert, independent advice tailored to your situation.
  • Our comprehensive planning process emphasizes that you always come first.

What Are the Fees?

Time, care, skill, judgment, professional education, and experience determine professional fees. We are proud of our fees and know that they represent fair compensation for the quality of services provided to our clients.

When it comes to costs of any sort, no one likes surprises. Therefore, we disclose all investment costs and educate our clients completely.

If you decide to have us manage your assets, we offer access to money management accounts that place your success and our success on the same side of the table.

For example, in our Preferred Portfolio Services® Custom Program (Transactions) accounts (offered through our partnership with Commonwealth Financial Network®), the management expense is as seen below. As your accounts grow, investment expenses decline as follows:

  • Under $1,000,000 - 1.00%
  • $1 million to $2 million - 0.90%
  • $2 million to $3 million - 0.80%
  • $3 million to $4 million - 0.70%
  • $4 million to $5 million - 0.60%
  • $5 million to $7.5 million - 0.50%
  • $7.5 million to $10 million - 0.40%
  • Above $10 million - 0.25%

This type of account effectively eliminates the conflicts of interest created by commissions. It also rewards us if we make your accounts grow. If we don't deliver good service, you fire us and we lose our income.

**PPS Custom Program (Transactions) Account clients will pay an annual management fee, as outlined in the breakpoint fee schedule above. The management fee is negotiable, billed quarterly, and, unless otherwise agreed, shall be based on the value of assets in the Account. In addition to the annual management fee, PPS Custom Program clients may pay transaction charges, administrative charges, and miscellaneous account fees and charges, as described in the Master Services Agreement (MSA) or PPS Client Agreement (as applicable) and Commonwealth’s ADV Part 2A Brochure.

Retirement Planning

Achieving your retirement goals is easier when you are not alone. Our advisors will help you select the right retirement accounts to get you to the next chapter of life. We can assist you with your IRAs, 401ks, Profit-Sharing Plans, etc.

Individual Retirement Plans Icon

Individual Retirement Plans

We can help you with your IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs, Beneficiary IRAs, Solo 401k plans, etc.

Retirement Income Strategies Icon

Retirement Income Strategies

We examine the safe withdrawal rate, guaranteed retirement income options, etc.

Company Retirement Plans Icon

Company Retirement Plans

We can assist with your 401k, Roth 401k, After Tax 401k, Profit Sharing Plan, Integrated Profit Sharing Plans, and more.

Financial Education Icon

Financial Education

Throughout it all, we give you the tools and information needed to make wise decisions.


Free up time for what you love.

Investment management is the heart of what we do. We assist you with portfolio development, investment selection, ongoing monitoring, and rebalancing. If managing your portfolio is not your cup of tea, we are here to help. Since 1991, we have successfully guided our clients through multiple market cycles.

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Insurance Planning

We’ll help you find the right insurance to protect your family.

Hinkson Wealth Management will help you identify the insurance options available. As independent insurance agents, we have the ability to shop hundreds of companies to determine the best life insurance, disability insurance, or estate planning insurance for you.

Fixed insurance products and services are separate from and not offered through Commonwealth Financial Network. 

Estate & Tax Planning

Our deep knowledge allows us to design a plan in coordination with your estate planning attorney that makes tax smart decisions. We help you protect your legacy by maximizing the amount you leave to your heirs.

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Learn to preserve your legacy with estate planning services tailored to you.

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Estate Planning

Ensure you have a plan in case of unexpected illness, or premature death.


Hinkson Wealth Management, LLC does not provide legal or tax advice. You should consult a legal or tax professional regarding your individual situation.